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Belka Truong

Being a professional Travel Agency and leading destination Tour Operator, here at BumbleBee Travel, our team of passionate and skilled specialists and experts has been assisting thousands travellers and hundreds other travel agencies through our worldwide network for years. Being a part of inspiring destinations in Asia, in almost three decades, we have well established and maintenance relationships in the travel and hospitality industry that enable us to provide you special offers and arrangements with dedicated care you won’t find anywhere else. Specializing in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and beyond, we offer our clients all kinds of travel services at

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Beauty of life

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Web Design & Photography
Kevin Ngo

Kevin Ngo, a professional photographer, moved to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada a few years ago. He has been settling into this welcoming and fast growing city by providing his photography services such as portrait, wedding, event, food as well as inspired images for fine art aficionados. With his fresh eyes and unique point of view he travels throughout Maritimes region capturing the beautiful landscapes and submitting them to the online photo-stocks. His works have been purchased by some of our largest and most successful companies. Photography is his passion, he offers community inspiration, offering photographs in

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